The traditional guesthouse "Maleatis Apollo" is found at the central square of Kosmas, a beautifull and historic village of Arcadia.

The village has been built between the peaks of mount Parnon, at an altitude of 1150m and is considered a historic and cultural reference at the area. Its architecture has been preserved -despite the fact it was totally burnt during WWII- and is protected by the Greek Cultural Authorities. The surrounding area is of high natural importance and for this has been declared as protected Natura 2000 area.

Maleatis Apollo is housed in a carefully renovated and preserved historical building. Aside a newer building was added, which respects the character of the first.

At the following pages, you can find information about the guesthouse itself, as well as the village, the area and lots of travelling opportunities.

Maleatis Apollo has 10 rooms available, which are double, 3 or 4 bedded. Each has been decorated with the traditional architecture of the village. As a result, staying at Maleatis Apollo, creates a most valuable sense of traditional rural hospitality.

The guesthouse is oriented in providing the possibility of long but affordable vacation to its guests, in order to escape from city life, feel the rural experience and join the the authentic and hospital companies of the villagers.

Kosmas is a perfect village for this purpose and Maleatis Apollo rooms have been designed to support this opportunity. They are equipped with kitchen, refrigerator and cooking tools, as well as TV sets -the use of which is not advised at this beautiful village!

At the ground level, there is a restaurant -operating 365 days a year. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner, as it is open from dawn to late night. The menu consists of traditional dishes, using excellent products of the area.

The hall can host a lot of persons, while you can find tables at the nearby square, when the weather permits

Every season, visiting the restaurant "Maleatis Apollo" creates a different experience.

During the sunny summer days, you can eat or have a coffee and sweet, beneath the thick shade offered by the large beautiful trees.

During the cold winter nights, you can drink a "raki" by the fire, while chatting with friends, other guests and the villagers.

Kosmas is a historic village of Arcadia, built between the summits of mount Parnon, at an altitude of 1150m. It is found on the mountainous passage which connects the eastern coast of Peloponnese with the Laconic plains. This route passes though the fabulous gorge of Dafnon and consists part of the famous Tour of Peloponnese. Its distance from Athens is 236km.

It is built at a scenic environment of chestnuts and Abies cephalonica (a rare fir species). It has open horizons to the Soronic gulf, giving spectacular views of the islands Ydra and Spetses.

The houses have been built by the well-known stone builders from Macedonia and Langadia. During WWII, the village was burnt to ashes from Nazi troops, but the villages of Kosmas, carefully restored their houses.

Today, the architecture of Kosmas is protected by the Ministry of Culture.

The inhabitats of Kosmas are generous, worm-hearted and bount to the mountain life. They are occupied cultivating the earth, feeding sheeps, goats and other animals for milk or meat. Some work with the bees to produce honey and others collecting roots and herbs. Lately, a lot of inhabitants are occupied with tourism, a smoothly growing element of Kosmas' life.

The products of Kosmas come mostly from the above occupations and are organic and of excellent quality.